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Small business owners have discovered the secret to bringing in more leads for less cash...
Adhancement is a simple reporting tool that gets you more leads with less money from Adwords - without any Adwords experience. Simply connect your Adwords account to Adhancement and get instant feedback on what’s working, what’s not working, and how to fix it.

Do you dread logging into your Adwords account?

Hate trying to decipher the foreign language of online ads?

Worry that you’re flushing money down the drain?

We can help.
You setup your negative keywords, A/B test your ads, check your auction insights. What does it all mean? Despite the confusion, you know that it’s kind of working. You do get some leads from Adwords so you don’t want to turn them off. The truth is, you are probably wasting money. Likely a lot of money.
Adhancement estimates that small business owners are wasting, on average, 62% of their ad spend every month. That’s your money that’s just being burned.
So what do you do? You could keep going, wasting some of your money and hoping that you’re at least breaking even. You could hire an expensive ad agency, but they’re generally expensive and there’s usually not much transparency so it’s hard to tell if they’re doing a good job or if they’re just wasting money like you would.
In comes Adhancement to save the day. It’s the simplest way to run your own Adwords account and ensure your ads are making your business as much money as possible without a ton of time.
Using Adhancement takes only 12 minutes or less a week.
Adhancement focuses on the one most important thing you need to optimize for that week, and it was developed specifically for small business owners that don’t have a lot of time but want to grow their business with more leads.
How it Works
Simply log in each week to review you key recommendation for that week, then quickly make the change. Your most important task is to get you the most bang for your buck after evaluating your current ads and budget.

Adhancement’s recommendations are based on an algorithm developed by an Adwords Certified Partner using Adwords best practices from top consultants - Digital Marketer, Perry Marshall, and Mike Rhodes.

While Google’s goal is to get you to buy more ads, not make you more money, Adhancement’s single and specific goal is to help small business owners optimize their Adwords account to increase profits for less money.

Try us out for free now by getting your Adwords Report Card. Find out how well you’re doing in Adwords.
Benefits of Using Adhancement
Find Lost Money in Your Account
Adhancement quickly shows you where you’re wasting money and what’s not working so you can update or turn off those campaigns, ad sets and keywords.
Make More Money
Our simple report will show you what’s working well so you can put more of your budget into the campaigns to get more leads.
80/20 Way to Manage Adwords
This is the easiest way to get the most out of Adwords without being an expert. You’ll be able to optimize your account in 12 minutes or less every week.
Never Dread Logging In Again
Instead of avoiding your Adwords account, you’ll get the peace of mind knowing that you’re not flushing money down the toilet in Adwords. You can finally login with confidence knowing that your ad spend is working for you.
Simple and Straightforward
We know that no one looks forward to learning yet another software to run their business. That’s why Adhancement has minimal features and clear instructions. Simply connect your account, generate your report, and make the recommended changes.
Beat Out Your Competitors
Adhancement estimates that the average small business owner is wasting approximately 62% of their ad spend in Adwords. Beat out your competitors with an optimized Adwords account to get more of your local leads.
Why Choose Adhancement?
As a fellow small business owner, I know how many things are on your plate. Adwords is just one of a dozen things that everyone says you NEED to be doing to grow your business.

I hated logging into my Adwords account, not knowing what was the most important thing to fix with my ads. So over the past 2 years I worked with a tech guy to build a system to make it easier to run my Adwords account.

Eventually it was working so well that I decided to share it with other small businesses.

Using the Adhancement system helped me get more leads than I could handle myself, allowing me to sell off additional leads to other companies.

Now, I login once a week, quickly make changes and beat out my competitors for those Google search leads.

If you’re running your own for your small business, start with our free Adwords report card to see how your account stacks up.

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